Sponsor our Summer Series 2020

Do you support building community through world-class art? Do you support our youth in pursuing their dreams? Join us this summer to build together.


Peña Flamenca Barileña


As part of our evening Summer Series we will offer a Sunday matinee show each week featuring youth (ages 5-18), and emerging tablao dancers. We provide these young artists the opportunity to perform alongside master performers, an invaluable experience to help them grow.  More information →

Jesús Muñoz Teatro Flamenco

Jesús Muñoz Teatro Flamenco proposes opportunity through creativity. 43% of Barelas lives in poverty, twice the percentage in the city, country or state. Close to 1/3 of the population over 25 years old has not graduated from high school. Despite these intense challenges, Barelas, with its rich history, has become an epicenter for cultural resistance. Teatro Flamenco draws on these deep roots to cultivate space for belonging and local identity.  More information →