Community Classes

Community classes are open to adults of all ages who wish to study Flamenco in a fun, supportive environment without being on a professional track. We also encourage serious dancers who wish to hone their improvisational skills to take these classes. All enrolled students will have the opportunity to participate in a Winter Recital. 

Intro to Flamenco

This class is for adults with absolutely no background in Flamenco or who are wishing to refine their basic technique. This class starts with foundational elements of Flamenco footwork and upper body. Students also learn eight turns, combinations and recursos de baile (tool for dance). The focus of this class is to give you the basic language and techniques of Flamenco so that you can begin to dance in social settings.

Tuesday, Thursday 5:30-6:30pm

Flamenco Therapie

Look good, feel good, get strong! Learn to dance in a social setting. This is our Rocky Balboa class! This class is for adults who are looking for a supportive environment to be challenged, express themselves, and have a whole lot of fun! In this class you will study and train the basic sounds of the feet, upper body movements, and will leave this class being able to dance in a social setting.

Tuesday, Thursday 6:30-7:30pm

Concert Choreo.

Learn concert-based choreographies from the repertoire of choreographer, Jesús Muñoz. You will leave this class stronger technically and with more repertoire. This class is open to intermediate level students.

Tuesday and Thursday 7:30-8:00pm


This palmas (percussive hand clapping) class is designed to give dancers, aficionados, and musicians a strong understanding of flamenco rhythm. It is open to any one in the youth and professional program as well as community members.

Saturday 11-12