Jesús Muñoz Teatro Flamenco


About Teatro Flamenco:

Muñoz will have two amazing composers working side by side.  The legendary, Jose Valle “Chuscales,” and the young and gifted guitar and compositional phenom, Mathias Rodriguez. While Rodriguez spends time pushing the limits; organizing and conducting small group ensembles, virtuoso improvisational legend, Chuscales will be the glue and first guitarist who will guide the duo.  Combined, the music promises to provide a subliminal experience.

Muñoz with his partner, Amalyah leader will produce developed work testing it against the backdrop of new music as well as debuting new choreography. This summer, Muñoz will be using signals to trigger live and pre-recorded ensemble pieces worked out by 15+ musicians, featuring a small orchestra of instruments such as a saxophone quartets, woodwinds, choral imitation cannons and duo guitar pieces.  There will be 10 pieces in total, with three dedicated entirely to the accompaniment of Flamenco song.

About Pricing:

General Admission: $35 (First come, first serve)

VIP: Front row, tabled seating (max 4 per table). Special gift included.