Jesús Muñoz

Executive Director and Master Instructor

McAllen, TX. Has performed and choreographed across the U.S., Canada, Spain and Mexico and has taught over 60,000 children through school residencies and private classes. Muñoz co-wrote a national level Flamenco curriculum, he is the founder of both Casa Flamenca and Flamenco Works, Inc. and co-founded the Albuquerque Latin Dance Festival. Muñoz has held 12 seasons at the National Hispanic Cultural Center between 2013-2017. Notable recognitions include: 5-time NEA NM Folk Arts Master award, “Rosalinda” choreography for Chicano writer Rudolfo Anaya, NYC’s 100 years of Flamenco at Lincoln Center, Ford Theatre Forever Flamenco and Spanish Master’s series at Detroit’s Diego Rivera Court. He is a deeply personal teacher and forceful community leader. For him, Flamenco is more than just an art form - it is a way of life. Learn more.


Amalyah Leader

Lead Organizer and Instructor

Putney, VT.  Leader is a recent graduate of Smith College where she studied Spanish and Latin American Studies.  Leader embraces social justice and integrity at the core of her work as artist having worked closely with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center and U.S. Department of Arts and Culture.  Leader began taking Flamenco at 13 and at 17, would catch a bus three times a week to study with the renowned Puerto Rican-born Gypsy artist, Omayra Amaya in NYC. Leader has studied with some of the great dancers and choreographers Andrés Marín, El Oruco, Carmen Ledesma, and Leanor Leal in Spain. She has performed as a soloist and company dancer with Inés Arrubla Flamenco Theater, Omayra Amaya Andanza Flamenco, and Jesús Muñoz Flamenco. She searches for the intersection where Flamenco’s rich history merges within her own Jewish roots in the Canté jondo.


Joy Prieto

Founding Flamenco Mom and Board President

Prieto is Albuquerque-born and was raised in the South Valley. A nurse in private practice, Prieto is mother to three beautiful children and a proud military wife. Prieto began Flamenco in first grade with Roberta Herrera and danced 11 years. Prieto now encourages her daughter, Natalia, as she chases her dreams in flamenco. She is deeply dedicated to ensuring that all children have the opportunity to learn Flamenco and connect with their roots.


Sarah Lovato

Board Secretary

Lovato is a physician assistant focusing specifically in pediatrics with young children. She has a strong passion for Flamenco. She was first introduced to dancing in college, but has continued to incorporate it into her life since then. She is deeply dedicated to creating a safe space for youth to take pride in their heritage and to growing a sense of community through Flamenco dance.


Mari Kempton

Board Member

Kempton relocated to New Mexico in 2013 from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kempton is an attorney at a nonprofit legal services organization in Albuquerque and previously served on the Board of Directors for Singing Out Las Cruces, an LGBTQA choir. She has been an integral part in supporting Flamenco Works in their growth.