Professional Track:

This program is an extension of our youth program and prepares advanced dancers to dance professionally. In addition, it provides ongoing training for professionals to stay in shape and continue growing. Through the Company Repertoire class, we also provide professional opportunities for dancers to perform alongside world-class artists from around the world.

Recursos de Baile

This class is an 1.5hrs. of advanced technique and short recursos de baile. It is a fast moving class in which students will work with complex rhythms, engage with their upper body, and deepen their understanding of the language of Flamenco. Pre-professionals will receive the training and technical skills to perform at a professional level. As well, it is an opportunity for professionals to maintain technique and train weekly.

Company Repertoire

This class is by audition only*. Concert Choreography will be taught and dancers will perform with Jesús Muñoz Flamenco throughout the year. Attendance is mandatory.