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Jesús Muñoz Teatro Flamenco

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Private and small group classes available with Jesús Muñoz during Festival Flamenco.


Summer Series 2019 Schedule

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Jesús Muñoz Teatro Flamenco

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Summer Intensive

Get strong this summer! Classes for all levels and ages. Your first class is FREE!


Youth inspired concert work.

Flamenco Works, Inc. alongside Jesús Muñoz Flamenco presented DREAM, a full concert featuring renowned artists and emerging dancers.

This was concert is meant to be inclusive, rather than exclusive.  With all the heat on immigration, rights for women and working class citizens-Jesus Muñoz Flamenco asked New Mexico youth a question as part of a NM statewide writing and drawing competition.  "What does it mean to be American to you?"  This question was brought to life in concert and was influenced by the answers of the children and youth.  There is no right or wrong-only reflection.  Sometimes we forget, they will often teach us much more than we will teach them.  How do they see the world?