Our Vision

Children are our greatest ambassadors.


Unlike anything I’d ever experienced, it was founded without my initiation, without a push. I was pulled. It’s just a little over two months now and I feel like every day is a month of work for me, for us. These women, these mothers.. are out of a storybook. The amount of things that are happening at an organizational level are incredible. I’m not inspired, I’m in awe. The amount of support is unheard of.

For years I had built up a reputation of a world-class company and production. I performed in countless venues, cities, states and countries. I can say I’ve received invitations from every major theatre and fine arts venue in the country. I loved it, and I plan to still continue doing it-- But something changed.

At this very moment, I realized the importance of the traditions that we pass onto others, the things that we pass onto children and the value of that work, gifts, and the commitment that mothers make to get their kids to that place of learning. I thought of my own mother for a moment and the sacrifices she’s made and that she makes daily to get her kids where they want to be, more importantly... where they dream to be. So I ask the question as often as I get a chance.. Where do you dream your child to be, have you asked them? How are you willing to help to get hem there? How can I help?

This is the foundation and the vision of Flamenco Works: A dedication, a commitment to get our children where they dream to be. To work towards realistic goals is not a dream; it is daily life and sometimes we will land between here and there. But, for us not to help harness and encourage the dreams of the future generation, our children, is falling short of our own dreams, our own existence. Everything we have, everything we are.. we dedicate to these children, these youth. This is the dream, the vision of Flamenco Works, to leave it all behind. Every last breath. To work until we can’t work any more, and then to get up and work again. Most importantly, we’ll remember as time passes... that the idea and the group began with just a few mothers with a cause. A handful of moms who wanted to make a difference for their kids.

Jesús Muñoz
Executive Director

Joy Prieto and Deanna Tenorio, two founding mothers, with their children.

Joy Prieto and Deanna Tenorio, two founding mothers, with their children.

Our Mission:

Founded by Flamenco moms: Joy Prieto and Deanna Tenorio with support from Jesús Muñoz, “Flamenco Works, Inc.” is a co-op based conservatory model with a focus on advancing the children and youth of New Mexico in the art of Flamenco. The focus of the model is to get youth ready to integrate into resident company, “Jesús Muñoz Flamenco,” and by a broader extension — integration into professional Flamenco companies globally. Both the dance company and educational components work independent of each other to create self-sustainable and focused ecosystem model. We build a bridge for successful educational incorporation of youth without compromising the integrity of a professional Flamenco touring dance company.