Our mission is to empower youth to reach their potential through professional Flamenco dance training and the creation of visceral, cutting-edge Flamenco art.


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It all started when…

A group of mothers got together to champion the importance of Flamenco dance in their children’s lives. For these moms, ensuring that their children had a community where they felt a sense of belonging and were encouraged to reach their full potential as artists and people was essential.



What we do:

TRAINING: We provide the highest quality Flamenco dance training based on the foundation of deep-rooted rhythm and musical signals, known as “por derecho”. Por Derecho is a branch of Flamenco that is personal, improvisational, and holds a profound understanding of Canté (Flamenco Song). We train the next generation of Flamenco artist in our studio and in partnership with public schools.

ARTISTIC: We are a bridge for youth artists to integrate into our resident company, Jesús Muñoz Flamenco, as well as provide support to dance professionally elsewhere. We give opportunities and space for artistic exploration and innovative work through our in-house theater, Jesús Muñoz Teatro Flamenco.

COMMUNITY: We enrich our community by offering free and subsidized world-class performances and support economic development by employing local artists. We also seek to build a sense of place within Barelas by beautifying our studio and theatre through community gardens, murals, and outdoor performances.